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This page gives a brief summary of documents describing Event-B's logic aka mathematical language.

Introductory Texts

The logic is introduced in these slides and Jean-Raymond Abrial's book "Modeling in Event-B". Note that those introductory texts are partially outdated w.r.t. the version implemented by Rodin (see How Rodin Deviates from Abrial's Book).

Specification Documents

A comprehensive specification of the logic (abstract syntax, semantics, proof calculus, core theories) is available as technical report.

Event-B's concrete syntax (V2, supported since Rodin 1.0.0) is specified in kernel_lang.pdf. An older version (available in mathLanguage-2007-10-26.pdf) describes the concrete syntax used by the Rodin platform up to releases 0.9.x. The changes between these two versions are summarized in Changes_to_the_Mathematical_Language_of_Event-B.