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User:Son at ETH Zurich is in charge of the plug-in.


Event-B Qualitative Probability plug-in provides supports for reasoning about termination with probability 1 (almost-certain termination).

Installing and Updating

The plug-in is available through the main Rodin Update Site under Modelling Extension category.


  • 23.11.2011: Version 0.2.1 released for Rodin 2.3.*

Technical References

  • S. Hallerstede, T.S. Hoang. Qualitative Probabilistic Modelling in Event-B. In IFM 2007: Integrated Formal Methods, 6th International Conference Proceedings, Oxford, UK, July 2-5, 2007, volume 4591 of LNCS © Springer-Verlag. Springer website
    • Initial idea about probabilistic convergence event.
    • New modelling elements: Variant bound
    • New proof obligations: PRV, BND, FINACT.
    • Example: Resolve contention in IEEE 1395 (Firewire protocol).
  • E. Yilmaz, T.S. Hoang. Development of Rabin’s Choice Coordination Algorithm in Event-B. In Automated Verification of Critical Systems 2010, volume 35 of Electronic Communications of the EASST © EASST. EASST website
    • Probablistic convergence event with refinement
    • Constraints on how (not-) to refine probabilistic events.
    • Example: Rabin's Choice Coordination Algorithm.


We illustrate the usage of the plug-in using the example of contention resolving (part of IEEE 1394 Firewire protocol).