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User:Son at ETH Zurich is in charge of the plug-in.


The Generic Instantiation plug-in provides supports for instantiating an Event-B Models by providing concrete values for carrier sets and constants.

Installing and Updating

The plug-in is available through the main Rodin Update Site under Composition and Decomposition category.


  • 11.05.2012: Version 0.2.2 released for Rodin 2.5.*

Technical References


We use a small example to illustrate the usage of the Generic Instantiation plug-in. The archive of the example is available here, which can be imported into the Rodin platform. The archive contains to projects called Channel and Negotiation. Channel is the abtract base project. Negotiation is the concrete target project: models of Channel will be instantiated within the contexts of Negotiation.

The Channel project contains the following components:

  • Context message_ctx contains carrier set MESSAGE
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  • Machine channel sees message_ctx
  • Context size_ctx contains constant max_size
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  • Machine EO sees message_ctx, size_ctx and refines channel.
  • Machine EOIO sees message_ctx, size_ctx and refines EO.

The Negotiatino project contains the following contexts:

  • Context bandwidth_ctx contains constant bandwidth.
  • Context proposal_ctx contains carrier set PROPOSAL.

Additional features to be investigated/implemented

  • There is currently no sanity checking for the instantiation. Users need to make sure that their instantiated model can be analysed and proved by Rodin.