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This section illustrates some of the things you are likely to want to do in your plug-ins if you are extending the Rodin platform.
#REDIRECT [[How To Contribute]]
* [[How To Contribute]]
* How do I [[start a new development]].
* [[How to read Rodin projects and elements programmatically]].
* [[How to create Rodin projects programmatically]].
* [[Accessing Proof Obligations|How to access Proof Obligations]].
* How to add [[Adding Automatic Inference Reasoners|automatic]] or [[Adding Manual Inference Reasoners|manual]] inference [[reasoners]].
* How to add [[Adding Automatic Rewrite Reasoners|automatic]] or [[Adding Manual Rewrite Reasoners|manual]] rewrite [[reasoners]].
* [[How to make extensions to Rodin features]].
[[Category:Developer documentation]]
[[Category:Rodin Platform]]

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