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== What are the main community channels? ==
Beside the [[Mailing lists|mailing lists]], you may want to follow:
* the ''#rodin'' channel on irc://irc.freenode.net
* the [http://cia.vc/stats/project/rodin-b-sharp  commit RSS feed] on [http://cia.vc cia.vc],
* one of the [https://sourceforge.net/export/rss2_project.php?group_id=108850 sourceforge RSS feed],
* the [[Main Page]] of this very site.
The [[EB:VP|Village Pump]] may also be useful for everything which is more or less wiki related.
== How do I report a bug or a feature request? ==
You may use sourceforge [http://sourceforge.net/tracker2/?group_id=108850&atid=651669 bug and feature tracker]. Please verify that your bug has not already been reported before submitting it.
You may want to submit a partial or full log which you can find in the following file {{file|.metadata/.log}} under the rodin workspace (generally {{file|runtime-Rodin.product/}}).
== How do I get current source code? ==
You may get the whole [[Rodin Platform]] and most of associated [[Rodin Plug-ins]] from Subversion on SourceForge using URL [https://rodin-b-sharp.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/rodin-b-sharp  https://rodin-b-sharp.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/rodin-b-sharp].
To compile the core platform from sources fetched from Subversion, download the latest stable version of Eclipse Classic and install the [http://subclipse.tigris.org/ Subclipse] plug-ins. Then, follow this procedure to fetch the source plug-ins from Subversion:
* click {{Menu|File>Import...}}
* select {{Menu|SVN>Checkout Projects from SVN}} and click {{Button|Next}}
* tick {{Menu|Create a new repository location}} and click {{Button|Next}}
* in the Url field, enter <tt><nowiki>https://rodin-b-sharp.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/rodin-b-sharp</nowiki></tt> and click {{Button|Next}}
* after a while, a tree appears.  Select folder <tt>trunk/RodinCore/org.rodinp.releng</tt> in the tree and click {{Button|Finish}}
* click {{Menu|File>Import...}}
* select {{Menu|Team>Team Project Set}} and click {{Button|Next}}
* click {{Button|Browse...}} and select file <tt>rodin-core.psf</tt> in project <tt>org.eclipse.releng</tt>, then click {{Button|Finish}}
After a long while (around a quarter of an hour), all projects of the core Rodin platform have been retrieved from Subversion into your workspace.
You can retrieve the test plug-ins of the core platform in a similar way by repeating the last three steps but selecting file <tt>rodin-tests.psf</tt> instead.
Note: The repository was formerly CVS which is still available read-only.  It is not possible to commit to the CVS repository anymore.  More information is available in the [[Switch from CVS to Subversion]] page.
== How do I launch the [[Rodin Platform]] from Eclipse? ==
Normally, you should be able to launch the [[Rodin Platform]] by launching Rodin.product in org.rodinp.platform as an Eclipse application.
At the time of writing (June 11, 2009), the platform crashes, because not all the required plug-ins are included.
A workaround is to include all workspace and enabled target plug-ins in the run configuration:
* go to run -> run configurations
* select the newly generated run configuration
* go to the tab "plug-ins"
* Choose: "launch with: all workspace and enabled target plug-ins in the run configuration"
== How can I access or create Rodin elements like projects, components or proofs? ==
This section illustrates some of the things you are likely to want to do in your plug-ins if you are extending the Rodin platform.
* How do I start a new development ? See the [[Procedure for developing, reviewing and publishing a plugin]].
* [[How to read Rodin projects and elements programmatically]].
* [[How to create Rodin projects programmatically]].
* [[Accessing Proof Obligations|How to access Proof Obligations]].
* How to add [[Adding Automatic Inference Reasoners|automatic]] or [[Adding Manual Inference Reasoners|manual]] inference [[reasoners]].
* How to add [[Adding Automatic Rewrite Reasoners|automatic]] or [[Adding Manual Rewrite Reasoners|manual]] rewrite [[reasoners]].
* [[How to make extensions to Rodin features]].
== How do I propose a patch? ==
You may find useful directions and good practises in the page describing [[How to Submit Patches|how to submit patches]].
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