Rodin File Types

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The Rodin platform manipulates several kind of files which are usually distinguished by their extension.

The purpose of this page is to inventory all file types used by the Rodin platform and plug-ins.

File Extension Root Element Type Contents Plug-in
.bum IMachineRoot Event-B Machine Event-B Core
.buc IContextRoot Event-B Context Event-B Core
.bcm ISCMachineRoot Event-B Statically Checked Machine Event-B Core
.bcc ISCContextRoot Event-B Statically Checked Context Event-B Core
.bpo IPORoot Event-B Proof Obligations Event-B Core
.bpr IPRRoot Event-B Proofs Event-B Core
.bps IPSRoot Event-B Proof Statuses Event-B Core
.xmb N/A Machine or Context stored in the standard EMF XMI format Event-B EMF Framework
.xmc N/A Composite Machine (using includes) stored in the standard EMF XMI format Event-B EMF Framework + Inclusion
.smd N/A State-machine Diagram Layout iUML-B State-Machines
.cd N/A Class Diagram Layout iUML-B Class Diagrams
.pjd N/A Project Diagram Layout iUML-B Project Diagrams
.prj_diag N/A Project Diagram Viewer (older version) Event-B Project Diagram Plugin
.umlb N/A UML-B model UML-B classic
.packageDiag N/A UML-B Package Diagram UML-B classic
.classDiag N/A UML-B Class Diagram UML-B classic
.stateDiag N/A UML-B State Diagram UML-B classic
.contextDiag N/A UML-B Context Diagram UML-B classic
.mch N/A Event-B Machine Text-Based Event-B
.ctx N/A Event-B Context Text-Based Event-B
.ins InstRoot Generic Instantiation Unchecked Generic Instantiation
.insc SCInstRoot Generic Instantiation Checked Generic Instantiation
.bumx N/A XMachine File XEvent-B
.bucx N/A XContext file XEvent-B