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(Rodin User Tutorial (celebrity, doors, galois, closure))
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== Rodin User Tutorial (celebrity, doors, galois, closure) ==
== Rodin User Tutorial ==
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[http://handbook.event-b.org/ User Manual for Rodin]
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|([http://handbook.event-b.org Nightly Handbook Build])
<b>This tutorial is currently outdated. We are looking for contributors willing to update / improve it!</b>
The [[Index (Rodin Tutorial)|Rodin User Tutorial]] gives a tour of Rodin most important features. It is based on four examples.  It is also an introduction to proving with the Rodin Platform.

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Rodin User Tutorial

User Manual for Rodin

The original and now outdated version is available here.

Requirements Tutorial

Requirements Tutorial
Shows how the Requirements Plug-in is used

Statemachine Animation Tutorial

Statemachine Animation Tutorial shows how to use the Statemachine Animation plug-in on a sample UML-B model.