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6th Rodin User and Developer Workshop

6th Rodin User and Developer Workshop, 23 May, 2016, Linz, Austria

Programme now available on the ABZ2016 website.

Event-B is a formal method for system-level modelling and analysis. The Rodin Platform is an Eclipse-based toolset for Event-B that provides effective support for modelling and automated proof. The platform is open source and is further extendable with plug-ins. A range of plug-ins have already been developed.

The 6th Rodin workshop will be collocated with the ABZ 2016 Conference.

The purpose of this workshop is to bring together existing and potential users and developers of the Rodin toolset and to foster a broader community of Rodin users and developers.

For Rodin users the workshop will provide an opportunity to share tool experiences and to gain an understanding of on-going tool developments. For plug-in developers the workshop will provide an opportunity to showcase their tools and to achieve better coordination of tool development effort.


09:00 - 10:30

  • Meta-Predicates for Rodin - Sebastian Krings (pdf)
  • A Rodin plug-in for constructing reusable schematic lemmas - Alexei Iliasov, Paulius Stankaitis, David Adjepon-Yamoah, and Alexander Romanovsky (pdf)
  • Event-B Specification Templates for Defining Domain Specific Languages - Ulyana Tikhonova (pdf)

10:30 - 11:00 Break


  • Towards Modular Development in Event-B - Thai Son Hoang, Hironobu Kuruma, and Michael Butler (pdf)
  • Crossed-Project Reference for Managing Model Variations - Hironobu Kuruma and Thai Son Hoang (pdf)
  • SliceAndMerge: A Rodin Plug-in for Refactoring Refinement Structure of Event-B Machines - Tsutomu Kobayashi, Aivar Kripsaar, Fuyuki Ishikawa and Shinichi Honiden (pdf)


Michael Butler, University of Southampton

Stefan Hallerstede, Aarhus University

Thai Son Hoang, University of Southampton

Michael Leuschel, University of Düsseldorf

Laurent Voisin, Systerel