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The purpose of this page is to give a base for the DEPLOY Deliverable D23 (Model Construction and Analysis Tool II) which will be delivered to the European Commission (29 January 2010).


For each item covered in this document, a wiki page shall be created (see Contents) to give a brief description of the work that was carried on during the second year of the project (Feb 2009-Jan 2010). The purpose is to give to the project reviewers some insight on what happened in the WP9 package, but without going deeply into technical details. It should look more like an executive summary. All details (papers, detailed wiki pages, etc.) should be made available as pointers.

This template provides a common structure for all of these pages. It takes into consideration the feedback that we got for DEPLOY Deliverable D6 (Model Construction and Analysis Tool I). Each contribution shall be quite short (ca. two printed pages).


This first paragraph shall identify the involved partners and give an overview of the contribution. In particular, it shall provide answers to the following questions:

  • What are the common denominations?
  • Is it a new feature or an improvement?
  • What is the main purpose?
  • Who was in charge?
  • Who was involved?


This paragraph shall express the motivation for each tool extension and improvement. More precisely, it shall first indicate the state before the work, the encountered difficulties, and shall highlight the requirements (eg. those of industrial partners). Then, it shall summarize how these requirements are addressed and what are the main benefits.

Choices / Decisions

This paragraph shall summarize the decisions (eg. design decisions) and justify them. Thus, it may present the studied solutions, through their main advantages and inconvenients, to legitimate the final choices.

Available Documentation

This paragraph shall give pointers to the available wiki pages or related publications. This documentation may contain:

  • Requirements.
  • Pre-studies (states of the art, proposals, discussions).
  • Technical details (specifications).
  • Teaching materials (tutorials).
  • User's guides.

A distinction shall be made on the one hand between these different categories, and on the other hand between documentation written for developers and documentation written for end-users.


This paragraph shall give a timeline and current status (as of 29 Jan 2010).

Formatting rules

In order to homogeneize the contributions and to ensure consistent spelling the following formatting rules shall be enforced:

  • See §4 of How to Edit Your Input File for LLNCS formatting rules.
  • Contractions shall not be used (eg. write "does not" instead of "doesn't", "let us" instead of "let's", etc).
  • British english spelling shall be retained.
  • "plug-in" shall be preferred to "plugin".
  • Remember that the document is dated 29 Jan 2010, use past, present and future accordingly.
  • The dedicated category, [[Category:D23 Deliverable]], shall be specified for wiki pages.

Deploy Deliverable


Introduction (Laurent Voisin)

General Platform Maintenance (Carine Pascal)

UML-B Improvements (Colin Snook)

ProB Improvements (Jens Bendisposto / Michael Jastram / Michael Leuschel / Daniel Plagge)

Text Editor Plug-In (Jens Bendisposto / Michael Jastram / Michael Leuschel)

Decomposition Support (Carine Pascal / Renato Silva)

Initial Definition of Language Support for Code Generation (Michael Butler)

Improvements to Existing Provers (Nicolas Beauger)
Rule-based Prover (Issam Maamria)

Pattern Plug-in (Andreas Fürst)

Flow Plug-in (Alexei Iliasov)

Modularisation Plug-in (Alexei Iliasov)