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  • Text Editor augments the standard structured editor of Rodin with a text editor.
  • Rodin Editor augments the standard structured editor of Rodin with a structured text based editor.
  • CamilleX (formerly XEvent-B) with support for text editors and modelling mechanisms such as machine inclusion.
  • Records provide structured types for Event-B.
  • UML-B provides a 'UML-like' graphical front end for Event-B.
  • Parallel Composition using Event-B allows the composition of machines through events for Event-B.
  • Decomposition Plug-in allows the decomposition of Event-B machines/contexts (shared variables (A-style) and shared events decomposition (B-style))
  • Refactoring Framework allows the refactoring of elements that are part of file (and also on related files).
  • Rose (Structured) Editor a model structured editor.
  • Flows plug-in allows the addition of control flow to a machine.
  • Mlogo big.png Modularisation Plug-in provides a mechanism for constructing and proving modular developments.
  • Mode/FT Views plug-in brings modelling of modal and fault tolerance features.
  • Team-based development enables Event-B models to be stored in a shared repository (e.g. SVN).
  • Qualitative Probability provides supports for reasoning about termination with probability 1 (almost-certain termination).



  • Bms logo small.png BMotion Studio a visual editor which enables the developer of a formal model to set-up easily a domain specific visualization.


  • ProR logo.png ProR supports integration of natural language requirements and Event-B models.
  • B2Latex allows to typeset an event-B model with latex,

Theory and Proof

Code Generation

  • EventB2Java generates JML-specified Java implementations of Event-B models. Contributions by Néstor Cataño, Tim Wahls, Camilo Rueda and Víctor Rivera.
  • EventB2JML translates Event-B machines to JML-specified Java abstract classes. Contributions by Néstor Cataño, Tim Wahls, Camilo Rueda and Víctor Rivera.
  • EventB2Dafny translates Event-B proof-obligations into the input language of Dafny. Developed by Néstor Cataño.
  • EventB2SQL translates Event-B machines to Java implementations that make the state of a machine persistent by storing it in a database.
  • EB2ALL (Beta Version) supports automatic code generation from Event-B to C, C++, Java and C#.
  • Tasking Event-B supports generation of multi-tasking Java, Ada, and OpenMP C code from Event-B.
  • B2C translates Event-B models to C source code, which may then be compiled using external C development tools.
  • EHDL The plug-in enables VHDL code generation from formal Event-B models automatically.


  • Group Refinement changes the set of refinement laws for one refinement step to facilitate a case of atomicity refinement.
  • Model Critic is an extension using the Epsilon scripting language to analyse Event-B models
  • Feature Composition Plug-in allows the composition of Event-B features (machines|contexts) and helps the user in resolving conflicts before composition.
  • Feature Modelling Tool (prototype) can be used to build feature models for product lines and configure these to generate product line members.
  • Pattern allows the reusing of existing models within a development in order to save the modelling and proving effort.
  • Project diagram icon s.png Project Diagram displays the diagram of a Rodin project.
  • MBT plugin can be used to generate test sequences covering the events of an Event-B model.
  • Transformation patterns allow writing and running transformation scripts in EOL over Event-B models.

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