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Feature Composition Plug-in provides support for composing Event-B features.

We define a feature as an Event-B machine and its seen context(s). The composition editor allows you to build a composition model whose output is an Event-B model (machine and a context) which is a composition of the input models. The composition model is saved in the Rodin database for replaying the composition later.

The composition editor highlights any conflicts such as multiple declaration of variables or events with same name in different input features. At the moment, it provides facilities for making the input models disjoint before composition to resolve any conflicting element names. It also enables you to resolve conflicting element names by removing the repeating/redundant information in different models. The composition editor also provides option for merging events.

Here is the User Manual for the feature composition tool : Media:Feature_Composition_Tool_User_Manual.pdf‎

You can install the feature composition plug-in from the Rodin Update Site.


Version 0.0.4

19th Oct 2010

Version compatible with Rodin 2.0

Ali Gondal at Southampton is in charge of the Feature Composition Plug-in.