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This page is under development

The Rose editor is an EMF based, model structured editor that displays the model from various different viewpoints.

Properties View. Make sure the properties view is visible at the bottom. It will display the contents of anything you select in the editor tree or outline view. Here you can edit details of the currently selected model element.

  • There is always an overview tab showing the attributes and relations of the element.
  • There is a separate tab for each collection owned by the element. This provides an alternative method to the tree structure, for adding/removing children.
  • There is always an advanced tab which shows the standard EMF properties view of the element. This contains details which are otherwise hidden from the user.

Outline Viewer. Use the outline viewer to navigate the model. The outline viewer may show several machines/context at the same time.

Editing multiple components. If you click on the properties view, advanced tab any references will be resolved. For example, if you have a refinement machine selected in the editor pane, clicking on the advanced tab will load the abstract machine so that you can edit either (using the outline view to switch between the multiple machines/contexts).

Editor viewpoints. The editor provides several different views of the model via editing view tabs. (The intention is to provide more views in future).

  • Model - This is the main tree structure of the model. Most editing should be done in this view. (The tree shows the Machine/Context currently selected in the outline view).
  • Refines - The refines view is a summary of the event refinement relationships for whichever machine is currently selected in the outline view. (The table shows the events for the Machine/Context currently selected in the outline view).
  • Advanced - The advanced tab of the editor view shows all the hidden details that are not normally visible to a user. (The tree shows the model element selected in the outline view, i.e. not a complete Machine/Context).

Storing components outside of Rodin. You can "save as" and add the extension .xmb. This will save your machine / context in standard EMF XMI format instead of in the Rodin database. (to see the xmb file in the Event-B Explorer you will need to uncheck the hide all files and folders option). You can save it back into the Rodin database using "save as" and removing the xmb extension.

Moving components to different projects. You can also copy machines to different projects using save as.

Future modellingExtensions. The Rose editor is based on EMF's extensible child providers. Hence any future extensions to the modelling notation are partially supported by Rose without any modification being required. The advanced properties tab will also be fully supported for any future extensions. However, the overview properties tab will be limited to attributes that are inherited such as name, comment.

The Rose editor is named after Rodin's wife, Rose Beuret.