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Model Critic uses the Rodin EMF plugin to connect the Rodin modelling database with rich and versatile model manipulation framework called Epsilon. One element of Epsilon is an interpreted scripting language tailored to the traversal and construction of large structured objects based on a well-defined meta-model. In the case of Model Critic, the scripting language is applied to evaluate models using informal heuristics of what is typically a bad practice in model construction. Heuristics are encoded as Epsilon scripts stored in a dynamic library: a library that may be extended and updated during a modelling session.

How do get it

The tool exists only in an experimental mode. Thus, if you want to try it out you should download the development archive from [1]. The development archive Additionally, there is a small library of critic scripts. The latter are imported as a project in a running Rodin platform with the Model Critic extension.

How it works