Procedure for developing, reviewing and publishing a plugin

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During the Deploy kick-off meeting held in Newcastle 19-21 February 2008, it has been decided that all new developments should proceed in the following way:

  1. Develop the new functionality in an exploratory plug-in.
  2. Make your plug-in available to others and collect feedback from them.
  3. Have your plug-in peer-reviewed by another developer.
  4. Finally, if your new development is considered OK, integrate it in the core plug-ins.

How to publish an exploratory plug-in

Note: for the following, you need write access to the SVN repository on sourceforge.

To publish an exploratory plug-in from Eclipse, select the project that contains your plug-in in the project explorer, then right-click Team > Share Project.... In the wizard window, select the repository location for the Rodin SVN server, then click Next. Select the

 use selected module name

radio-button and type the following in the attached entry:




is your SourceForge login and


is the full name of your exploratory plug-in. Then, proceed as usual by clicking Next and Finish as appropriate.