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Install/upgrade the B2latex plugin from the Main Rodin site using the software updates menu in Rodin.

After installation, you will see an LX button on the menu bar in the Event-B perspective. Select the Machine or Context you want to translate to Latex and then press the LX button. A latex source file will be generated in a folder named latex in your Event-B project directory. bsymb.sty is required to process the latex. Run latex on the source files using your own latex installation.

The file b2latex.sty in the generated latex directory can be modified to change the style of the documentation.

What news?

New release, B2Latex 0.5.0, is now available from the Rodin update site. This release is for the Rodin 0.9.2.x.

If you want to use the Rodin 0.8.x, you need to install release 0.3.0 instead.


- If you wish to have math formulas or B code in the comment you need to put them in $..$.