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The latest CamilleX User Guide is available as pdf here. Some important information is listed below.


The CamilleX feature provides text editors for XContexts and and XMachines which then compiled automatically to Event-B contexts and machines.
For more details about the principles on CamilleX, see the CamilleX page.



Release Notes

See CamilleX Release Notes


  • Currently, CamilleX not only supports "standard" Event-B machines and contexts, but also machine inclusion/event synchronisation mechanisms.
  • Since the XContexts and XMachines are compiled to the Rodin files, the corresponding Rodin contexts and machines will be OVER-WRITTEN. Any changes in the Rodin files will be lost.
  • DO NOT USE CamilleX if you use modelling extensions such as iUML-B state-machines and class-diagrams, as the additional modelling elements will be over-written.
  • Windows users must change the workspace text file encoding to UTF-8. This can be updated under the Rodin Preferences: General/Workspace then in the Text file encoding section, select Other: UTF-8.


  • Machine Inclusion:
    • Including the same machine to both the abstract and its refining machine can result in the repetition of invariants.