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ProB Disprover

The ProB Disprover plugin for RODIN utilizes the ProB animator and model checker to automatically find counterexamples or proofs for a given proof obligation.

An early version of the ProB Disprover is described in Debugging Event-B Models using the ProB Disprover Plug-in, Ligot, Bendisposto, Leuschel.

Recently, the Disprover has been extended to detect cases in which the search for a counter-example was complete, yet there was no result. In this cases, the absence of a counter-example will be reported as a proof. See the paper describing the disprover as a prover for more details.


The ProB Disprover is currently only available through the ProB Nightly Build Update Site (http://nightly.cobra.cs.uni-duesseldorf.de/rodin/updatesite/).

How to use it, how it works

Disprover Tutorial