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Industrial Projects and Research Projects using Event-B

From partners within Deploy Project

In the Deploy Project several industrial partners are using Event-B and Rodin on deployment projects:

  • Bosch are working on a cruise control system
  • Siemens Transportation are working on train control and signalling systems
  • Space Systems Finland are working on part of the BepiColombo space probe
  • SAP are working on analysis of business choreography models
  • Systerel are working on railways and aerospace applications
    • DIR 41 Case Study - How Event-B Can Improve an Industrial System Specification
    Christophe Metayer and Mathieu Clabaut
    Abstract State Machine, B and Z 2008, Springer Verlag, LNCS 5238
    • Formal Data Validation - Formal Techniques Applied to Verification of Data Properties.
    Mathieu Clabaut, Christophe Metayer, and Éric Morand
    Embedded Real Time Software and Systems 2010, Toulouse.

From non-Deploy partners

  • AeS Group in Brazil are using Event-B and Rodin on Railway related projects:
    Analysis of deadman control for trains
    Analysis of a safety critical hardware verification function (by software)
    Requirements adaptation
    Validation of Formal Specification
    Also, internship positions are open to work in industry applying Formal Methods. Please contact Dinho ( or Thiago ( to discuss about ongoing projects

If you are using Event-B and Rodin on an industrial or research project, please feel free to add a short description and a link to this page.