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Industrial Projects and Research Projects using Event-B

From partners within the Deploy Project

In the Deploy Project several industrial partners are using Event-B and Rodin on deployment projects:

  • Bosch are working on a cruise control system
  • Siemens Transportation are working on train control and signalling systems
  • Space Systems Finland are working on part of the BepiColombo space probe
  • SAP are working on analysis of business choreography models
  • Systerel are working on railway and aerospace systems
    they are using Event-B to specify models of train controlers and signalling systems
    • DIR 41 Case Study - How Event-B Can Improve an Industrial System Specification
    Christophe Metayer and Mathieu Clabaut
    Abstract State Machine, B and Z 2008, Springer Verlag, LNCS 5238
    • Formal Data Validation - Formal Techniques Applied to Verification of Data Properties.
    Mathieu Clabaut, Christophe Metayer, and Éric Morand
    Embedded Real Time Software and Systems 2010, Toulouse.

From partners of the Deploy Project

Following Deploy partners are involved in other projects related to using Event-B and Rodin:

  • Newcastle University is involved in the UK SafeCap Project on developing modelling techniques and tools for improving railway capacity while ensuring that safety standards are maintained. The project team (Newcastle University, Swansea University, Invensys Rail) works on integrating proof-based reasoning about time in state-based models, exemplified by Event-B and CSP-Prover, and on providing an open tool support for verifying timed systems. SafeCap is supported by EPSRC and RSSB.

From non-Deploy partners

  • AeS Group in Brazil are using Event-B and Rodin on Railway related projects:
    Analysis of deadman control for trains
    Analysis of a safety critical hardware verification function (by software)
    Requirements adaptation
    Validation of Formal Specification
    Also, internship positions are open to work in industry applying Formal Methods. Please contact Dinho ( or Thiago ( to discuss about ongoing projects

  • QNX Software Systems Limited, a leading vendor of operating systems, development tools, and professional services for connected embedded systems, is applying the Rodin tools to the design of software for a simple medical device. The aim is to use the evidence provided by the tool to support a safety case and to help in the approval process.


Southampton, Dusseldorf, Systerel, Alstom and Critical Software Technologies are partners in the FP7 ADVANCE Project. The overall objective of ADVANCE is the development of a unified tool-based framework for automated formal verification and simulation-based validation of cyber-physical systems. In ADVANCE, Rodin is being further strengthened and augmented with novel approaches to multi-simulation and testing.

DSF Project, Japan

The Dependable Systems Forum (DSF) project involves several Japanese Companies namely NTT-Data, Fujitsu, Hitachi, NEC, Toshiba, and SCSK. The DSF project applied several formal methods including Event-B and Rodin to an industrial development. Further details are here.

If you are using Event-B and Rodin on an industrial or research project, please feel free to add a short description and a link to this page.