Rodin Platform 2.0.1 Release Notes

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For information on main changes since Rodin 1.3, or about available plug-ins, see Rodin_Platform_2.0_Release_Notes.

What's New in Rodin 2.0.1?

This is a maintenance release, which includes mainly bug fixes (see below).


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Fixed Bugs and Implemented Feature requests

  Bug #3086746: Functional Image Rewrites does not work properly 
  Bug #3085103: Unsound behavior of newPP
  Bug #3087348: Wrong Eclipse update site
  Bug #3102775: bug newPP
  Bug #3103020: Auto tactics for WD not selected by default
  Bug #3106076: Missing POs in interface
  FR 3080786 : Theorem checkbox for invariants in the new variable wizard 

Additional fixes

  • Prover UI: fixed pretty print for extended predicates.
  • Fix the movement of a list of selected items
  • Fix Bug in prefix settings preference page : using workspace values instead of project specific values
  • Replaced the erroneous message appearing in the dialog while retrying the Auto Provers by a specific message.
  • AST: implemented equals() and hashCode() everywhere required in order to compare datatype extensions.
  • AST toStringWithTypes: fixed to take atomic extended expressions into account.
  • AST: fixed extended expression rewriting: make a typed extended expression.
  • Refactored reasoner for "FUN_IMAGE_GOAL"; fixed corresponding auto tactic.
  • Fixed basic tactic composeUntilFailure: used first open descendant.
  • Implemented an autotactic to discharge goals of the form "WD of datatype destructor".


Rodin Platform r10265 made of Rodin 2.0 (r9964)
+ r10003
+ r10004
+ r10008
+ r10011
+ r10014
+ r10016
+ r10087
+ r10090
+ r10116
+ r10117
+ r10118
+ r10139
+ r10163
+ r10204
+ r10208
+ r10210
+ r10211
+ r10212
+ r10258
+ r10259
+ r10261
+ r10262

Release date : 2010/11/16.