Rodin Platform 3.0 Release Notes

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What's New in Rodin 3.0?

  • General Interface

TODO: ...

  • Modelling

TODO: ...

  • Proving

TODO: ...

  • Changes for plugin-developers

TODO: ...

Requirements - Compatibility

  • Configurations supported (and for which binaries are provided)
    • Linux 32-bit
    • Linux 64-bit
    • Windows 32-bit
    • Windows 64-bit
    • Mac 64-bit
  • You need to have a Java JRE (6.0 or later) installed on your computer. The Rodin product will not work with a previous version. To run Rodin 64-bit, you need a 64-bit JRE.
  • To enhance your proving experience, the eclipse font settings (size, aspect...) are available from the preferences (General > Appearance > Colors and Fonts > Rodin). These settings allow you to modify the properties set on the Event-B Keyboard Text Font which is used in many views of the Proving UI. However, to enjoy these functionnalities, you need to install the Brave Sans Mono font on your system. You can download this font from the link here.

TODO: Inform here of some specific system requirements

External plug-ins

TODO: Link to the external page for plug-ins
Link of the form:



TODO: Add here a link to download the platform.


Download Rodin 3.0 now !

Fixed Bugs

TODO: Add here a list of the fixed bugs.

Known Issues

TODO: Add here a link to the SourceForge Bugs page, after filtering bugs (Assignee Any, Status Open, Category Any, Group 1.2).


Since Rodin is continuously maintained, several unsoundness bugs which have been encountered were investigated and fixed. However, despite the total commitment of our teams to insure the soundness of the platform, some unexpected and unknown soundness issues could remain. We would be grateful if you would report these issues to the development mailing list.


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