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Main page a bit terse ?


I wonder if this page doesn't look a bit terse, knowing it is the main landing page for the event-b wiki. Perhaps should we add some introduction material about Rodin and deploy as well as some other materials... I give a try hereafter. Feel free to correct or modify both the layout and the content. Mathieu 21:09, 9 September 2008 (UTC)

You may also have a look at a proposal for the sidebar: MediaWiki talk:Sidebar.Mathieu 21:09, 9 September 2008 (UTC)


Event-B and Rodin Documentation Wiki

This is the documentation wiki for the site providing documentation for users and developers of the Rodin toolset.

Event-B is a formal method for system-level modelling and analysis. Key features of Event-B are the use of set theory as a modelling notation, the use of refinement to represent systems at different abstraction levels and the use of mathematical proof to verify consistency between refinement levels.

The Rodin Platform is an Eclipse-based IDE for Event-B that provides effective support for refinement and mathematical proof. The platform is open source, contributes to the Eclipse framework and is further extendable with plugins.

User Documentation

Event-B Language | Mathematical LanguageModelling LanguageDocuments in the Event-B category

Rodin Platform User Support | User ManualTutorialDocuments in the User documentation category

Rodin Plug-in User Support | UML-BB2LatexProBAnimBReqsManagementDocuments in the Plugin category


Developper Documentation

Rodin Developer Support | Current DevelopmentsDocuments in the Developer documentation category

How To Contribute


Do not hesitate to improve this wiki. You may find some help within the following pages:

Wiki Help - Some technical documentation.

Village Pump - Ask your questions and follow the wiki life.

Recent Changes - Monitor the wiki activity.

Test Area - Wiki editing is simple. Try by yourself.

Added news section

I added a news section, which may be modified by editing Template:News. The idea is to kept it short (4/5 lines max). Feel free to modify / update / remove.... Mathieu 10:23, 29 September 2008 (UTC)