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Displayed as follow on the Main Page

Rodin Workshop 2010 - Programme for Rodin 2010 Workshop

Industry Challenges identifed at Dagstuhl refinement seminar 2009

Mailing lists - Rodin related mailing lists.

Rodin Platform Releases - Track releases.

Bugs and Feature Requests - Report a bug or request a new feature.

Plug-in Wishlist

DEPLOY Plenary Meeting 2009 - Call for Papers

Rodin Workshop 2009 - Abstracts and slides from Rodin 2009 Workshop

Do not hesitate to improve this wiki. You may find some help within the following pages:

Wiki Help - Some technical documentation about this wiki.

Village Pump - Ask your questions and keep track of the main wiki events.

Recent Changes - Monitor the wiki activity.

Test Area - Wiki editing is simple. Try by yourself.