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UML-B provides a 'UML-like' graphical front end for Event-B. It provides various diagrammatic modelling notations and editors for creating models which are then translated into Event-B for verification. Two versions of UML-B are available.

The original UML-B where a complete project is modelled in a diagrammatic project. A separate Event-B project is then generated for verification. This provides a high degree of hiding of the Event-B models although it is still necessary to annotate the diagrams with invariants guards and actions. Beginners who are not familiar with formal modelling may prefer this version.

A new version called iUML-B (i for integrated) embeds diagrams in the Event-B models. This allows the modeller to model in normal Event-B but also contribute some aspects of the model via diagrams. Those more familiar with Event-B may prefer this version.