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IMPORTANT: Event-B XText Front-end is now developed into extended Event-B (XEvent-B).

The complete Event-B XText Front-end User Guide is available as pdf here. Some important information is listed below.


The Event-B XText front-end provides text editors for XContexts and and XMachines which then compiled automatically to Event-B contexts and machines.
For more details about the principles of this editor, see the Event-B XText Front-end page.



Release Notes

See Event-B XText Front-end Release Notes


  • Currently, Event-B XText front-end ONLY supports "standard" Event-B machines and contexts.
  • Since the XContexts and XMachines are compiled to the Rodin files, the corresponding Rodin contexts and machines will be OVER-WRITTEN. Any changes in the Rodin files will not be lost.
  • DO NOT USE the Event-B XText Front-end if you use modelling plug-ins such as iUML-B state-machines and class-diagrams, as the additional modelling elements will be over-written.


- Converting to XText: Currently, the "extended" attribute of events are not serialised.