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The Rodin Editor is a new editor, based on the same principles as the historical structured Event-B Editor. This latter editor shown its weakness while editing large models. Moreover, it was impossible to show some information, which are needed when one edits an Event-B model (such as the inherited elements which were formerly displayed only in the pretty print view). This is to solve all these issues that the Rodin Editor was created.

Installation Details

TODO Document this part when the plug-in is released.


The component contents are displayed as text. Once you component opened with the Rodin Editor, its contents are printed as text inside the Rodin Editor. However, as said, the Rodin Editor is not a text editor, and even if the component you edit is streamlined to basic text, what you edit is stored in an underlying database. That's the reason why you can not type text at any place at any moment. (i.e. there is no parsing of text file: what you see is a text component based form editor).

An overlay editor displays over the text.

The Rodin Editor might not be the 'preferred' editor that Rodin uses to open your Event-B models.
Thus, to open a component (e.g. a machine, a context, etc.), right-click on it and select Open with > Rodin Editor. The component is then opened with the Rodin Editor.

Available keyboard shortcurts

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