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Rodin Plug-in Documentation




  • ReqsManagement offer supports for requirements management.
  • B2Latex allows to typeset an event-B model with latex,

Theory and Proof

Code Generation

  • Multitasking code generation supports generation of multi-tasking Ada code from Event-B.
  • B2C translates Event-B models to C source code, which may then be compiled using external C development tools.


  • Group Refinement changes the set of refinement laws for one refinement step to facilitate a case of atomicity refinement.
  • Model Critic is an extension using the Epsilon scripting language to analyse Event-B models
  • Feature Composition Plug-in allows the composition of Event-B features (machines|contexts) and helps the user in resolving conflicts before composition.
  • Feature Modelling Tool (prototype) can be used to build feature models for product lines and configure these to generate product line members.
  • Pattern allows the reusing of existing models within a development in order to save the modelling and proving effort.
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    Project Diagram displays the diagram of a Rodin project.
  • Export to Isabelle exports proof obligations to Isabelle/HOL

Rodin Plug-in Tutorials

Tips & Tricks