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This page discribes how to build a graphical animation for a event-b model. These animations are built following the pattern MVC (Model/View/Controller).

The view part is done by a browser and a HTML page. The model part is given by a running animation in the Rodin plateform through AnimB and a event-b model. The controller is ensured by a piece of javascript code running in the browser.

The installation

In your Event-B project, create a directory called "animation". Then dowload the two following files in this directory:

  • AnimB.js the AnimB javascript component
  • index.html a basic HTML file. This file could be used to create your own animation.

Create your own animation

Create a animation consiste in editing the index.html file.

First you must set the three variables describing your project.

  • project set to the Rodin project name
  • model set to the model name used to build the animation
  • name set to the name of the animation