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The Rodin Core and some subprojects are continuously built with a CruiseControl Server. The server continuously looks for code changes, and if it finds any, it compiles, tests and assembles the projects that have changed.

There are currently a number of limitations:

  • Not all Rodin Sub-Projects are being built automatically, we will add more over time.
  • Not all tests are integrated yet, due to the state of the Eclipse PDE-Build Scripts. In particular, there is currently no support for JUnit 4 Tests
  • There are a few Düsseldorf-Specific projects hosted on the server as well (the Server is hosted by the University of Düsseldorf)
  • Notifications of broken or fixed builds will go to DEPLOYWP9-TOOLING@JISCMAIL.AC.UK. The subject will have the prefix "[cc-build]" for easy filtering. Mails will only be sent if the status changes, not with every broken build.

If you discover a problem or would like to have a subproject added, please, contact the maintainer, currently Michael Jastram.