Generating source bundles for inclusion in a target platform configuration

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For source plugins to work properly in a target platform configuration, the Ant script export-RodinCore-src-jars.xml found in project org.rodinp.releng should be used.


Using Eclipse, ensure that the workspace is in the release revision (no further commits have been done). If this is not the case, switch the workspace into the release revision.

Clean build the workspace.

Import into the workspace (File > Import.. > Plug-ins and Fragments > (active target platform & Select from all plug-ins & Binary Projects with linked content).

Right click on the export-RodinCore-src-jars.xml file, then "Run As" > "Ant Build..." to edit the launch configuration.

In the "JRE" tab, select "Run in the same JRE as the workspace".

In the "Properties" tab, uncheck the "Use global properties" check box, then add the following properties (by clicking "Add Property..."):

  • one for the export destination directory:
    • Name: destination
    • Value: <an absolute path> (example: /tmp/rodin-export)
the directory needs not exist (it will be created if needed)
  • one for the SVN revision (used as replacement of the qualifier)
    • Name: SVNrev
    • Value: <the value of the exported SVN revision> (example: 8765)
the revision should be that of exported sources

A directory named "plugins" is created under the destination directory. It contains the rodin plugin jars with embedded sources. Rename "plugins" into "rodin-x.y-dev" (replace x and y with a version) then make a zip of this directory "".