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For the Rodin Handbook Project, we will migrate some of the Wiki content to Latex, to be managed in SVN. Our objective of the content migration guide is to ensure that:

  • All content is accessible at all times
  • Content is always managed in one place only
  • We prevent stale content from being edited.


We will achieve this with a rather simple mechanism: Migrated wiki content will be marked with the following banner:

Do not edit! This content has been migrated to Subversion.
(Nightly Handbook Build)


We will definitely migrate the pages that are currently part of the Eclipse Help System (18 pages). We inspected the history and noted few modifications, on the order of one every six months.

We intend to migrate these pages before the next Rodin release. This has two advantages: First, we will be able to roll out the new help system with the next Rodin release. While the documentation will not be complete at that point, it will definitely contain more information than it does right now. Second, we will be able to solicit feedback on the Eclipse-version of the Handbook, before this project ends, allowing us to incorporate feedback from users of the Eclipse Help System as well.

The next release is scheduled for September 2011.