Rodin Platform 2.2.1 Release Notes

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Warning: this maintenance release does not entirely fix the bug described below, use Rodin 2.2.2 instead !

Rodin 2.2.1 is a maintenance release: as such, it contains only bug fixes. For more information, see Rodin_Platform_2.2_Release_Notes.

What's New in Rodin 2.2.1 ?

that also occurred with contraposition in hypotheses
  • Changes for plugin-developers


Users who are already running Rodin 2.2 are encouraged to perform an upgrade, as described below.
The upgrade is faster, smaller (the archive is about 6 MB) and simpler than downloading a whole new platform: no need to reinstall plug-ins or configure the platform from scratch.

Upgrading from Rodin 2.2 (recommended)

  • download archive
  • launch Rodin 2.2
  • Help > Install New Software... > Add... > enter a name (for instance "Rodin 2.2.1") then
Archive... > select the archive
Mac users may have to use Local... then point to archive root directory, in case the archive was automatically unzipped
  • set options in the bottom of the page:
  • check
    • "Show only the latest versions of available software"
    • "Hide items that are already installed"
  • uncheck
    • "Group items by category"
    • "Contact all update sites..."
the central area should now list 5 entries
  • select "Rodin Platform", click "Next"
a message informs "Your original request has been modified. See the details."
"Rodin Platform" is already installed, so an update will be performed instead.
  • click Next, accept license, finish and restart



Since Rodin is continuously maintained, several unsoundness bugs which have been encountered were investigated and fixed. However, despite the total commitment of our teams to insure the soundness of the platform, some unexpected and unknown soundness issues could remain. We would be grateful if you would report these issues to the development mailing list.


Rodin Platform from release branch: branches/RodinCore/2.2.1 r12521

  • JVM Compatibility
    • Only a 32-bit version of the Rodin platform is provided for PCs
    • Only a 64-bit version of the Rodin platform is provided for MAC

Made of Rodin 2.2 plus following trunk revisions (change log available in SourceForge downloads):

12516; 12518

Developer Release date : 2011/07/19. User Release date : 2011/07/22.