Teamwork Requirements

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Requirements for an Event-B Teamwork Plug-in.

Navigator pop-up menu

A pop-up menu should be provided in the Event-B navigator for Machine and Context model elements. (currently the menu is only available on Files).

Merging of proof files

It would be great if two people work independtly on different proofs that the discharged proof obligations could be merged. A first version of proof merging could restrict the use to cases in which the machine / contexts have not changed.

Support of VCS systems (SVN, CVS, ...)

The teamwork plug-in should support multiple version control systems. The Event-B navigator should be extended to include version control information similar to the Java navigator. This includes showing version numbers after the machine name / context name. The versioning process should be transparent to the user, i.e., the teamwork plug-in should take care which of the RODIN files to be versioned and which of the files will be generated from the versioned files.