UML-B notes for 2.1.0

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New problems in version 2.1.0

Model Elements with Errors will not be deleted

Problem - When an element has errors, a notification is generated when the user tries to delete it. This causes the model to be reloaded before the deletion completes.

Workaround - a) Fix errors before deleting or b) Open the *.umlb model file and delete the element from within the EMF editor.

Plan - Fix in next version (due Feb 2011).

Unsolved from previous versions

No way to manually contribute to the INITIALISATION event

Problem - The INITIALISATION event is automatically generated and there is no way to contribute to it.

Workaround - None

Plan - Fix in next version (due Feb 2011).

Machine level diagram elements can be dragged into Classes

Problem - Machine level variables, events, statemachines can be dragged into the corresponding compartment of a Class. Once there it is difficult to remove them again.

Workaround - Avoid doing it in the first place. If necessary delete the element and recreate it.

Minor bugs

Inverse function ~ doesn't work with dot notation. Use normal event-B notation instead.

Diagram and Event-B file names are not changed/deleted if model is altered directly from EMF editors or model tab of properties view

Machine variables cannot be retained in refinement without repeating their type invariant