UML-B release notes for 0.5.8

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New Features

Statemachine Refinement Statemachines can now be refined by adding nested statemachines. Appropriate facilities exist for designating a statemachine as refined and linking nested transitions to parent transitions

Manual invocation of U2B translator A menu item has been added (which is enabled when a UML-B editor is active) that allows the automatic translation of UML-B to Event-B to be turned off. A menu and toolbar item has been added to manually invoke the translation (saving the active editor first). This facility is useful in larger models to prevent the Rodin tools running unnecessarily.

Migration tool A facility to migrate old models to the new serialisation format has been added as a pop-up menu contribution. (Right click on the *.umlb model file)

Improve Diagram management If a model element that is the root of a diagram is renamed or deleted, the corresponding diagram (and child diagrams) are renamed or deleted.

Improve Event-B file management If a machine or context model element is renamed or deleted, the corresponding Event-B machine or context are renamed or deleted.

Improve properties view Some improvements have been to the properties views including a new tab which provides direct access to the properties of the underlying model element

Synchronisation of similarly named transitions Transitions or events that have the same name are merged into a single output event. (Note that this is not intended to be used by two transitions within the same statemachine. It allows two or more statemachines to be altered simultaneously by the same event.

Bug Fixes

Improvements to synchronise diagram editing so that unsaved changes are not lost. Previously unsaved changes in a UML-B diagram were lost if changes to another diagram of the same model were saved. This has been solved by saving all diagrams whenever the focus is switched from one view to another. This makes UML-B much more usable especially in combination with the new manual translation button (see above).

Default names of new elements were not unique A default name is provided for most newly created model elements. However, when using the tool palette, the default names were not made unique.