UML-B release notes for 1.1.0

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New Features

Singleton Classes Support (Conceptual) Singleton classes - no instances generated.

Rectilinear Routing Add preference page for line routing style equals rectilinear or oblique.

Automatic Translation Disabled by Default Default is to disable automatic translation to Event-B (changed sense of toggle command).

No Spaces in Labels No longer use spaces in labels as this can be confusing.

Support Comment Fields in Properties View Add missing comment fields in properties view for many element kinds.

Improve Wizard for Creating Actions Re-order fields in wizard for creating actions (so that it is the same as for Guards).

Unused Preference Deleted Remove unused preference for log files.

Disable Double Click from Opening Parent Diagram Double clicking on an element that has no child diagram resulted in the parent diagram being opened. This was a nuisance and has been disabled.

Bug Fixes

  • Unable to add state machine to refined class
  • Should delete incoming and outgoing transitions when deleting a state
  • Class cast exception
  • Correction to initialisation of nested statemachines in classes
  • Detection of dot operators with no following identifier
  • Should not validate transitions with missing source/target
  • Problems when invoking builder