UML-B release notes for 2.1.0

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New Features

  • make diagram preferences particular to each diagram type
  • enable super-type arrows to target ExtendedClassTypes and RefinedClasses
  • provide convergence property on state transitions
  • report to user if translation didn't proceed due to model validator
  • hide disjunct transitions from Refines property section
  • improve refresh of diagrams for error marking
  • improve refresh of diagrams for properties changes
  • improvements and additions to model validations

Bug Fixes

  • fix missing default labelling in diagrams
  • fix automatic diagram deletion
  • fix bug that stopped universal quantification for Class/Classtype invariants
  • fix problems with refresh of properties view on macs
  • fix null pointer exception in marker builder
  • fix bug in state transition translation
  • fix bug with equality operator in translation
  • fix bug with modelling assistant showing a null object on refined sm
  • fix Class cast exception in U2B translator
  • fix null pointer exception in properties view during start-up
  • fix null pointer exception when refine state-machine deleted
  • fix multiple null options in some enumeration combo boxes in properties view