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+== Development Repository ==+

The SVN repository for development of the code generation plug-in including transformation rules is here


Completed/Ongoing Work

  • Investigate Epsilon/ETL/EGL or ATL
    • Resulted in the choice of ETL for Model2Model Transformations
    • Choice for Model2Text is not concluded.
  • Experiment 1: Event-B Tasking to IL1 in ETL (main)
    • Nearly ready for experiments [4 May 2010]
  • Experiment 2: IL1 to text with EGL: ??
    • Not started


  • Tasking Metamodel - one for both single and multi-tasking?
  • Intermediate Language Metamodels based on Ada
    • Initial Version is IL1
    • Ready for experiments subject to decomposition.
  • Metamodel re-structuring; will decompose into:
    • Algorithmic structures
    • Math. language

Translation Rules

  • Tasking Metamodel to IL1 translation rules [[1]]
    • Ready for experiments [4 May 2010] subject to decomposition into:
      • Algorithmic structures
      • Math. language
      • Versions for Shared/Non-shared data


  • Control flow modelling assistant
  • Infrastructure plugin
  • Initial version of:
    • IL1 to Ada backend plugin
  • Small experiments: several small models, reader/writer, heater control, circular buffer