Modularisation Plug-in Installation Instructions

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The plug-in works with the platform version 1.1RC1 or higher.

The modularisation plug-in is installed as follows:

  • Go to Help/Software Updates
  • Go into Available software tab
  • Click Add Site
  • In the software list window, select the modularisation plug-in and hit Install
  • Go through the dialogs and confirm platform restart at the end

Now you should have the plug-in up and running. One thing that would indicate a successful plug-in installation is the "I" icon on the top of the project explorer view. This is a shortcut for adding new interface components.

Please note that this an initial version of plug-in and many required features are not supported. Very little testing has been done so it is very likely to have a substantial number of bugs.

Please see Modularisation Plug-in Release Notes for version-specific notes and known limitations.