Rodin Platform 1.2 Release Notes

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What's New in Rodin 1.2?

  • Event-B Editor
Section expanding. A preference has been added for section expanding (See "Window > Preferences > Event-B > Modelling UI"). More precisely, this new option allows to specify that the sections shall not be expanded when unfolding an element of the Event-B editor. By default, any section of an element is expanded (as in previous releases).
Generated elements. The generated elements (e.g., produced by UML-B or the decomposition plug-in) cannot be edited, and appear grayed in the Event-B editor. This feature concerns whole generated contexts/machines, as well as other Event-B elements such as events, variables, ...
  • Proving Perspective
Easily creating new projects or components. Shortcuts have been added to the "File > New" menu of the Proving perspective to create a new Event-B project or a new Event-B component.
Copying from the proof skeleton to the proof tree. It is now possible to copy a subtree of a stored proof from the proof skeleton view to an edited proof tree. See also Copy/Paste to Proof Tree.
Hypothesis View. A dropdown list is now included to the Hypothesis view, to toggle the "Consider hidden hypotheses" preference directly from the hypothesis view. A quick search field and its related buttons has been added.
  • Rewriting Rules and Inference Rules

The existing rules have been reviewed and several implemented rules have been fixed.

FIN_FUN1_R, FIN_FUN2_R, FIN_FUN_IMG_R, FIN_FUN_RAN_R and FIN_FUN_DOM_R. The well-definedness condition was not implemented. See also Inference Rules.
DISTRI_RANSUB_BUNION_R, DISTRI_RANSUB_BINTER_R, DISTRI_DOMSUB_BUNION_L and DISTRI_DOMSUB_BINTER_L. These rules were wrongly defined and wrongly implemented. See the history of the Relation Rewrite Rules page for details.
  • Migration to Eclipse 3.5 (Galileo)
The extension point org.eclipse.core.contenttype.contentTypes is now used instead of the deprecated org.eclipse.core.runtime.contentTypes.
The method "org.osgi.service.prefs.Preferences.flush" is used instead of the deprecated org.eclipse.core.runtime.Plugin.savePluginPreferences.
Added support for predicate variables in the AST library.
In the previous release, it was possible to mark an Event-B machine/context as generated, in order to prevent users from inadvertently modifying it.
In this release, more fine-grained "read only" restrictions are enforced and any internal element may be tagged as generated (org.eventb.core.generated="true").


  • It is recommended to run the Rodin platform with a Java 1.5 Runtime Environment.
  • Only a 32-bit version of the Rodin platform is provided. Some optional libraries dedicated to 32-bit support may be required in order to run it on a 64-bit OS. Moreover, you will have to install a 32-bit Java Virtual Machine (JVM), and then to set the -vm option to make sure that Rodin is run with the correct JVM.
eg. /usr/local/rodin/rodin -vm /usr/lib/jvm/ia32-java-1.5.0-sun/bin/java (You have to adjust paths to your system.)

External plug-ins

TODO: Describe here the available plug-ins, and the supported versions for this release.


TODO: Add here a link to download the platform.

Fixed Bugs

TODO: Add here a list of the fixed bugs.

Known Issues

  • Early releases of XULRunner 1.9.1 may cause an SWT exception that prevents from opening an editor (as well as any browser-based ui component). More recent releases fix this bug (works fine with xulrunner- Alternatively, it is possible to specify XULRunner path to point to 1.9.0: edit "rodin.ini" and add the following line:

where "/usr/lib/xulrunner-" must be replaced with your actual XULRunner 1.9.0 install directory.

  • Using Rodin on GNOME desktop may result in a situation where buttons lock windows. To avoid this situation, it is needed to launch Rodin with
GDK_NATIVE_WINDOWS=1 /path_to_rodin/rodin

It's a GTK bug, referenced for Eclipse at [[1]]
See also Gnome and broken buttons.

  • A warning like the following one is displayed to the standard output when platform starts on GNOME desktop:
(rodin:17254): GLib-WARNING **: g_set_prgname() called multiple times

It's a GNOME bug. Information found there: [[2]]

  • The error log shows the following problem:
org.osgi.framework.BundleException: The bundle could not be resolved. Reason: Missing Constraint: Import-Package: org.eclipse.equinox.internal.util.event; version="1.0.0"
at org.eclipse.osgi.framework.internal.core.AbstractBundle.getResolverError(

It's an Eclipse 3.5 bug. Information found there: [[3]]

  • The list of the currently open bugs is given below:

TODO: Add here a link to the SourceForge Bugs page, after filtering bugs (Assignee Any, Status Open, Category Any, Group 1.2).