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Requirements Telco, October 2008

Please add or edit the topics for the Requirements Telco, to be held in October 2008. Please add possible dates / times of the telco as well.

The Organizer is Michael Jastram.


Our overall goal is to find a method / notation for capturing requirements that allows traceability between the requirements and an Event-B Specification.


Please add your name here if you are interested in attending the Telco:

  • Michael J.
  • Christophe
  • Dinho
  • Manuel

Time of Telco

October 23rd, 14:00 CET


  • Michael J: Objective of Meeting
    • Enable RE in the context of EventB-Modelling, specifically traceability between requirements and EventB-Specifications, to allow reasoning about the system.
    • KAOS is one possible candidate of such an RE-method
  • Christophe: Presentation of research regarding KAOS
    • Specifically: mapping EventB and KAOS
  • Michael: Experience with modelling the SAP Mini-Pilot with KAOS
  • Brainstorming: Can we realize our Objective with KAOS?
  • Discussion on how to proceed from here