Rodin Platform 2.3 Release Notes

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What's New in Rodin 2.3?

  • General Interface
Memory performance improvement: projects now require less memory to build (some projects that required 1200 Mo now build with less than 512 Mo).
  • Modelling
Warnings are produced by the builder when unknown configurations are encountered. It helps knowing which plug-ins are missing when a build fails.
Error is produced by the builder when no known configuration is found for a file.
  • Proving
Advanced Profile Customisation: a tactic profile can now be a parameterization of a tactic (timeout, ...), or a combination of tactics and profiles (see [1] at the bottom of the page).
NOTE: this new feature involves internal changes in preference storage; these changes are backward compatible (one can reuse tactic preferences from Rodin 2.2.x in Rodin 2.3) but NOT forward compatible: tactic preferences from Rodin 2.3 cannot be reused with Rodin less than 2.3. Hence the necessity to backup your workspaces (consider you cannot switch back your workspace and exported projects to Rodin < 2.3 after using them with Rodin 2.3).
New rules implemented, concerning membership in goal, function overridden by maplet (auto), EQL_LR applied at a single position (manual), Generalised Modus Ponens (auto)
  • Changes for plugin-developers
switch to Eclipse 3.7
new extension points are available to contribute tactic parameterizers (org.eventb.core.seqprover/schema/tacticParameterizers.exsd) and tactic combinators (org.eventb.core.seqprover/schema/tacticCombinators.exsd).


  • Configuration
    • Only a 32-bit version of the Rodin platform is provided for PCs
    • Only a 64-bit version of the Rodin platform is provided for MAC
  • You need to have a Java JRE (6.0 or later) installed on your computer. The Rodin product will not work with a previous version.
  • To enhance your proving experience, the eclipse font settings (size, aspect...) are available from the preferences (General > Appearance > Colors and Fonts > Rodin). These settings allow you to modify the properties set on the Event-B Keyboard Text Font which is used in many views of the Proving UI. However, to enjoy these functionnalities, you need to install the Brave Sans Mono font on your system. You can download this font from the link here.
  • Linux: the internal browser does not work with xulrunner-2.0 (for instance, it causes the welcome page to display a link instead of a html page); xulrunner-1.9.x must be installed.


Upgrading from Rodin 2.2.x

Use, uncheck "contact all update sites" (because the new version of Eclipse is already included in the archive).

  • download archive
  • launch Rodin 2.2.x
  • Help > Install New Software... > Add... > enter a name (for instance "Rodin 2.3") then
Archive... > select the archive
Mac users may have to use Local... then point to archive root directory, in case the archive was automatically unzipped
  • set options in the bottom of the page:
  • check
    • "Show only the latest versions of available software"
    • "Hide items that are already installed"
  • uncheck
    • "Group items by category"
    • "Contact all update sites..."
the central area should now list many entries
  • select "Rodin Platform", click "Next"
a message informs "Your original request has been modified. See the details."
"Rodin Platform" is already installed, so an update will be performed instead.
  • click Next, accept license, finish and restart


Download Rodin 2.3 now !

External plug-ins

Rodin Update Site

Plug-in name Version Status MCV* Release Date Contact Additional info
Umlb32.gif UML-B 2.2.0 available 9th Feb. 2011 email
UML-B Statemachine Animation 1.1.0 available 15th Feb. 2011 email Compatible with UML-B 2.2 and ProB 2.1.
Event-B EMF framework 3.5.3 available 17th Oct. 2011 Users should not need to install this framework. It will be installed automatically by other plug-ins as required.
Event-B EMF support for extensions 1.0.3 available 17th Oct. 2011 Users should not need to install this framework. It will be installed automatically by other plug-ins as required.
Export to Isabelle available 2.x.x email
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Rose 1.3.0 available 25th Aug. 2011 email
Records 1.0.1 not available email This release includes EMF and Refactory support for records.
Teamwork not available
Shared Event Composition 1.4.0 available 29th June 2011 email Compatible with Rodin 2.2.x. When project or machine is changed in the included section, the modification is propagated for the combined events.
Refactory 1.2.0 available 29th June 2011 email Version compatible with Rodin 2.2.x. More accurate monitor progress bar. Optimised rewriting of freeIdentifiers when renaming variables and constants. Added an additional wizard step corresponding to the indexer update (avoids the platform to hang while waiting for the indexer to update).
DecompositionPlug-in logo.png Decomposition 1.2.1 available 29th June 2011 email Compatible with Rodin 2.2.x. Optimisation: parameters not used in a decomposed event are not created at all.
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Project Diagram 1.0.0 available email
Relevance Filter 1.1.1 available 2.x.x email
Theory Plug-in v1.0 not available 2.2 8th July 2011 email Compatible with Rodin 2.2 only.
Code Generation Feature 0.2.1 available 14th Dec. 2011 email
Logo rodin editor 200px.png Rodin Editor 0.6.1 available 2.3.x 2nd December 2011 Nicolas Beauger or Thomas Muller
SMT Solvers 0.1.0 available 2.3.x 19th October 2011 Yoann Guyot or Laurent Voisin
Qualitative Probability 0.2.1 available 2.3.x 23rd November 2011 email

B Method Update Site

Plug-in name Version Status MCV* Release Date Contact Additional info
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Atelier-B provers 2.0.0 available 2.3.x 5th Oct. 2011 email Contains the prover bundled with Atelier B 4.0.2

Other Update Sites

Plug-in name Version Status MCV* Release Date Contact Additional info
AnimB.png AnimB available Christophe Métayer Use the update site
Camille not available Michael Jastram Use the Camille update site.
Mlogo big.png Modularisation not available 2.x.x email Use the update site
Group refinement not available 2.x.x email Use the update site
Flows/Use case extension not available 2.x.x email Use the update site
Prob eventb wiki logo.png ProB 2.2.4 available 2.3.x 2nd Oct. 2011 Use the ProB update site.
The Plug-in includes BMotion Studio
ProR logo.png ProR 8.0.1 not available 2.x.x 16th May 2011 Michael Jastram Update site:
Project web site:
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MBT plugin 1.1 available 2.3.x 4th of November 2011 Alin Stefanescu Use the update site
Mode/FT Views 1.0.2 available 2.x.x 4th July 2011 Ilya Lopatkin Update site:
Transformation patterns 1.0 available 2.x.x 4th July 2011 Ilya Lopatkin Update site:

*MCV stands for the Rodin's Maximum Compatible Version

Known plug-in incompatibilities

It unfortunately exists some incompatibilities between plug-ins. This list might be non exhaustive and is updated accorded to user experiences. If you encounter some conflict while installing or using plug-ins, please send a mail to the Rodin User List or feel free to complete the following table.

Plug-in name Incompatible with

Fixed Bugs and Implemented Feature Requests

  Bug 2886026: "Overflow" in partition rewriting
  Bug 2916134: Atelier-B PP does not understand S /= {}
  Bug 3102117: A theory with problems can be deployed nevertheless
  Bug 3102125: Deleting a deployed theory only removes the tuf file
  Bug 3106728: Unsoundness by wrong treatment of meta variables
  Bug 3106792: RbP allows to generate theory with same name as a context 
  Bug 3143114: translation
  Bug 3143508: inherited elements in default editor
  Bug 3150302: callability lost in refinement
  Bug 3150394: miscounted parameters
  Bug 3151189: inappropriate abstraction of a return value
  Bug 3158594: Rodin 2.0.1 provers are unsound
  Bug 3316772: Could not create the view: An unexpected exception was throw
  Bug 3370087: Cannot save proof with ae
  Bug 3374051: Can't type < in quantifier box
  Bug 3377126: Unable to export profiles when post /auto tactics selected
  Bug 3389537: Equality Rewriter does not handle extended expressions
  Bug 3392521: AssertionError rewriting datatype constructor subformula
  Bug 3399743: hypothesis filter text box
  Bug 3415433: NPE on proof saving
  Bug 3415831: wrong preferences edited from proof control shortcut
  FR 1902598: Re: proof of x : dom(expression)
  FR 1947658: Automatic simplification for membership
  FR 3095695: Rewrite a name locally
  FR 3306228: Mapplet Overriding in Goal
  FR 3306272: Mapplet Overriding in Goal
  FR 3371115: Superfluous WD strictness conditions
  FR 3396230: Generalized Modus Ponens enhancement

Known Issues

Bugs on SourceForge

ClassCastException when uninstalling a feature: this is a known eclipse bug [2]

  Bug 1441596: Tool conflicts caused by identically named files
  Bug 1824177: B4free prover translation for <<-> fails
  Bug 1949927: newPP is too sensitive to unused hyps
  Bug 1954442: Too many handles used by Edit page on Windows
  Bug 2105507: too difficult to work with explicit set expressions
  Bug 2531738: RODIN crash adding text to note or text box in class diagram
  Bug 2573332: Long formulas get truncated
  Bug 2782243: BraveSansMono
  Bug 2817523: No paste in root contextual menu of explorer
  Bug 2824204: Change to Rodin Elements not reflected in editor
  Bug 2835692: Text Editor exception
  Bug 2844813: Turnstile unicode character
  Bug 2869663: Changing the font in the pretty print view
  Bug 2882318: Error while entering symbol from symbol table
  Bug 2883199: Fix "new" actions
  Bug 2894645: Error on context named "axioms"
  Bug 2900427: Problems parsing complex expressions
  Bug 2931450: editor extension - clause names defined in wrong element
  Bug 2934585: animB : impossible to start animation
  Bug 2937124: Symbol Table and Properties
  Bug 2937132: newPP unresponsive
  Bug 2940315: mod operator should be compatible with itself
  Bug 2940575: some fomulas are truncated
  Bug 2941496: NewPP outputs incorrect set of required Hypotheses
  Bug 2942182: unparsing then parsing gives a different expression
  Bug 2952134: conversion to mathematical symbols generates trailing spaces
  Bug 2952705: Progress bar running too fast
  Bug 2952758: Highlighting of bound variables
  Bug 2957980: Proof Skeleton View : \n displayed as squares
  Bug 2968560: Dependence of Explorer & eventb.ui
  Bug 2974867: Camille text editor -  doesn't allow non alphanumeric chars 
  Bug 2987749: Axioms in classtypes not quantified
  Bug 2988294: Nested elaborated transitions produce conflicting actions
  Bug 2997510: undo behaviour
  Bug 3005167: Inherited elements
  Bug 3005170: Becomes such that
  Bug 3005202: Renaming and provers
  Bug 3005204: Cumbersome popup
  Bug 3007792: Theorems in Guards - Syntax Error
  Bug 3007793: Issue with refines clauses of events 
  Bug 3009555: Search Hypothesis refresh
  Bug 3009838: Order of variables and invariants not preserved
  Bug 3014775: partition operator is not accepted by Camille 
  Bug 3019063: Error on Double Click
  Bug 3020776: Issue with indentation
  Bug 3022742: Problem with Software Sites
  Bug 3024811: Leaks in Event-B Explorer
  Bug 3027387: Proof simplification does not remove useless rules
  Bug 3052238: Saving failed caused by AssertionError in rebuild 
  Bug 3054228: Proof simplification too slow
  Bug 3075420: Unable to save project after renaming invariants
  Bug 3085129: Rename file and update occurrences can fail
  Bug 3086511: camille editor refuses to save
  Bug 3086755: Tacticals are not cancelable
  Bug 3106603: Theory plugin inherits unsoundness bug from rbp
  Bug 3106789: Rule based prover does not properly match set extensions
  Bug 3112508: Camille can not be installed on Rodin 2.0.1
  Bug 3112539: Proof status after theory change
  Bug 3122147: newPP can't do modus ponens
  Bug 3126433: the parser accepts a+-1 
  Bug 3151805: inconsistencies in importing of events
  Bug 3154319: Unacceptable handling of unsupported expressions
  Bug 3164791: Error and missing page in help contents
  Bug 3166636: newPP unable to reason with finite definition
  Bug 3206302: Records plugin: sloppy type checking with nasty consequences
  Bug 3216967: No AtelierB tactics if user profiles before installation
  Bug 3234433: Internal name collisions
  Bug 3275889: Heterogenous cursors in proving GUI
  Bug 3275897: scrolling too slow in Search Hypothesis view
  Bug 3275902: Navigation in yellow boxes
  Bug 3314101: Camille NullPointer
  Bug 3325133: Silent java.lang.Exception when expanding a project
  Bug 3354151: Theorems in event guards not supported
  Bug 3354372: I can't type "<=v"!
  Bug 3379632: useless missing hypotheses prevent replay
  Bug 3382200: POs do not appear under model nodes in explorer
  Bug 3383270: Prover UI editor improperly registered
  Bug 3384398: ML unsound
  Bug 3384700: Statistics view counts POs only from contexts and machines
  Bug 3385671: Vanishing proof work
  Bug 3392038: Rodin Editor does not handle contributed attributes


Since Rodin is continuously maintained, several unsoundness bugs which have been encountered were investigated and fixed. However, despite the total commitment of our teams to insure the soundness of the platform, some unexpected and unknown soundness issues could remain. We would be grateful if you would report these issues to the development mailing list.


Rodin Platform up to r13308.
Developer Release date : 2011/09/20.
User Release date : 2011/10/04.