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What's New in Rodin 3.4?

Rodin 3.4 is mostly contains bug fixes, and upgrades the underlying Eclipse to Oxygen 4.7.2.

Eclipse 4.7.2 fixes a bug that affected the proving interface for MacOS users (bug #771) and was requiring a feature patch.

Please note that we no longer provide 32-bit binary versions of the Rodin platform, since they are almost not downloaded anymore (as per the statistics on SourceForge), everyone is now running a 64-bit OS. Nonetheless, if needed, it is still possible for you to build 32-bit binaries from the source (see Building Rodin Headless, you may also ask for support).

Changes for plug-in developers

Rodin 3.4 is built on top of Eclipse 4.7.2 (Oxygen), which requires Java 8, just as the previous version (Rodin 3.3 with Eclipse Neon).

There are no API changes within Rodin Core.



Download Rodin 3.4 now !

Upgrading from a previous version of Rodin 3.x

The only way to upgrade is to download the new platform. You may then point it to your usual workspace(s). This restriction is due to the Eclipse switch.

For those who are annoyed to install their Rodin plug-ins once more by downloading from the update site, it might be worth installing them directly from your older Rodin installation:

  • run the new Rodin
  • File > Import... > Install/From Existing Installation
  • Point to your older Rodin installation
  • Select the features you want to install
  • Proceed with the Next button, the following is just as a usual install

Requirements - Compatibility

  • Configurations supported (and for which binaries are provided)
    • Linux 64-bit
    • Windows 64-bit
    • Mac OS X 64-bit
  • You need to have a 64-bit Java JRE (8 or later) installed on your computer. The Rodin application will not work with a previous version or with a 32-bit JRE.
  • To enhance your proving experience, the eclipse font settings (size, aspect...) are available from the preferences (General > Appearance > Colors and Fonts > Rodin). These settings allow you to modify the properties set on the Event-B Keyboard Text Font which is used in many views of the Proving UI. However, to enjoy these functionalities, you need to install the Brave Sans Mono font on your system. You can download this font from the link here.
  • Linux 64-bit:
package 'libc6-amd64:i386' must be installed, in particular in order to run external prover binaries
depending on the distribution, you could instead need these packages: lib32z1 lib32ncurses5 lib32bz2-1.0
  • Windows 64-bit:
Atelier B provers work more slowly; it can cause ML to not automatically discharge some sequents that it discharges on windows 32-bit, due to its timeout. A workaround is to download a custom profile: DefaultAuto_ML800, then Window > Preferences > Event-B > Sequent Prover > Auto/Post Tactic > Profiles (tab) > Import..., point to the downloaded file, 'Select All' profiles (there are 2), OK. Then in 'Auto/Post Tactic' tab, select 'Default Auto Tactic Profile (ML 800)' profile for auto-tactics. It is the same as the 'Default Auto Tactic Profile', except ML has a longer timeout (800 ms). You can of course change this timeout by editing the 'ML (800)' profile.
We have not noticed this problem for Linux 64-bit, nor for other platforms; however if you do, the same workaround applies.

External plug-ins

Rodin Update Site

Plug-in name Version Status MCV* Release Date Contact Additional info
IUMLB big.png Event-B Class Diagrams 1.2.0 not checked 3.x.x 18 Dec 2015 email Class diagrams contained in Event-B Machines.
IUMLB big.png Event-B State-machines 3.4.1 not checked 3.x.x 31st Dec 2015 email State-machines contained in Event-B Machines.
IUMLB big.png Event-B State-machine Animation 2.1.2 not checked 3.x.x 19th Dec 2014 email Compatible with Event-B statemachines 3.x.x and ProB 3.0.x.
Project diagram icon s.png Project Diagram 1.0.1 not checked 3.x.x 1st Feb. 2015 email Machine - Context relationship diagram
Umlb32.gif UML-B 2.3.0 not checked 3.x.x 18th Oct. 2014 email Original UML-B modelling environment
Umlb32.gif UML-B Statemachine Animation 1.3.0 not checked 3.x.x 18th Oct. 2014 email Compatible with UML-B 2.3 and ProB 3.0
Event-B EMF framework 5.4.0 not checked 3.x.x 17th Dec 2015 email Provided for plug-in developers. End users should not need to install this framework. It will be installed automatically by other plug-ins as required.
Event-B EMF support for extensions 5.2.0 not checked 3.x.x 17th Dec 2015 email Provided for plug-in developers. End users should not need to install this framework. It will be installed automatically by other plug-ins as required.
Event-B EMF support for diagrams 6.0.0 not checked 3.2.x 17th Dec 2015 email Provided for plug-in developers. End users should not need to install this framework. It will be installed automatically by other plug-ins as required.
Rose.gif Rose 1.6.0 not checked 3.x.x 22nd Dec 2014 email Mainly useful for Plug-in developers. Tree-structured editor for Event-B EMF that handles extensions without modification
Teamwork 1.2.0 not checked 3.2.x 5th Sept. 2016 email Provides a synchronised copy of Machines and Contexts for committing into a repository. It is recommended to also install the Rose editor, EMF compare 3.1.0 and a recent repository client (e.g. Egit 4.1.4).
Cmp mch obj.gif Shared Event Composition 1.7.1 not checked 5th July 2017 email Compatible with Rodin 3.x.x (checked by cfs 5/05/17)
DecompositionPlug-in logo.png Decomposition 1.3.1 not checked 4th July 2017 email Compatible with Rodin 3.x.x (checked by cfs 4/05/17)
Refactory 1.3.0 not checked 3.x.x 6th May 2014 email Compatible with Rodin 3.0.x.
Theory Plug-in 3.0.0 not checked 17th Dec 2014 email
Code Generation 0.2.5 not checked 29th Aug. 2013 email For Java, Ada, and OpenMP C code
Relevance Filter 1.1.1 not checked  ?.x.x (appears to still work - cfsnook 23/06/15)
Isabelle for Rodin not checked 2.x.x
SMT Solvers 1.3.0 not checked 15th March 2016 Laurent Voisin
Pattern 0.9.0 not checked 3.x.x 13th March 2015 Thai Son Hoang
Qualitative Probability 0.2.3 available 3.x.x 9th October 2015 Thai Son Hoang
B2Latex export 0.5.5 not checked 2.5.x 27th May 2015 email
Generic Instantiation (Soton) 1.0.1 not checked 05th March 2013 email
Records 1.0.1 not not checked for Rodin 3.x.x 2.x.x 16th Oct. 2010 email No longer actively supported - please email if you wish to use this plugin

Fixed Bugs and Implemented Features


767 Tactic profile editor has a tiny size under Linux
768 tiny type environment column
769 statistics column width
771 Proof view: unreadable formulas (white on white)

Feature Requests


Known Issues

See known bugs on SourceForge.

Linux GTK 3.10

Under Linux with GTK+ 3.10.x, which is the case for Ubuntu 14.04, the check boxes are not visible in the hypothesis rows, because they are white with no border. Nonetheless, they are functional, just click on the leftmost white part of the hypothesis line to select it (in order to remove/de-select it for instance).

This issue is fixed in more recent versions, like GTK+ 3.18, the current for Ubuntu 16.04.


Since Rodin is continuously maintained, several unsoundness bugs which have been encountered were investigated and fixed. However, despite the total commitment of our teams to ensure the soundness of the platform, some unexpected and unknown soundness issues could remain. We would be grateful if you would report these issues to the development mailing list.


Rodin Platform with git commit: 6980ca1
User Release date : 2018/03/07.