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Extension request

Hello dear Sysop,

I'm in the process of importing the Event-BUser Manual within this mediawiki (in the wiki format). In order to have a working template (Template:Navigation), I need the Parser function to be installed. It would be very kind of you if you could install that extension for me ? Mathieu

Math extension via texvc

Dear Sysop,I have some difficulties for displaying math symbols, As you can see in User Manual Anatomy of a Context, or more simply in the following expression : <math>\uparrow </math> or <math>a \union b</math>

Note that <math>x \in A </math> is working well, so there must be some problem with the latex installation (I think amsmath.sty is needed for \uparrow) and/or with the modification needed to use the bsymb.sty package.

Could you see what can be done for this problem... ? Do not hesitate to ask for directions if needed. Mathieu