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Camille 3.0.2 for Rodin 3.0.1 released on 19th August 2014

A preliminary version of Camille for Rodin 3.1 is available at the nightly update site:

Make sure to install the latest Event-B EMF Framework (version 3.7.0 or greater)!

See also: Camille_Release_History


The TextEditor relies on features of the Rodin release 1.0 or newer. The following steps will guide you through this process:

  1. Download the latest Rodin release for your platform from Sourceforge.
  2. Extract the downloaded zip file.
  3. Start Rodin from the folder where you extracted the zip file in the previous step.
  4. Install the TextEditor:
    1. In the menu choose Help -> Install New Software....
    2. Select the site Camille - in the drop-down list.
    3. Check Camille Text Editor.
    4. Click Next.
    5. If you didn't install the Event-B EMF Framework yet it will be automatically added. Confirm by clicking Finish.
  5. Restart Rodin as suggested.

Now you are ready to use the TextEditor.


As often as possible we are going to publish updated releases. We recommend that you update your new Rodin installation with these updates for the TextEditor (and EMF Framework).

Although we will try to announce these updates on this site too, it is a lot easier if you setup Rodin to let you know when an update is available. The following steps guide you through this process:

  1. In Rodin open the preferences (Window -> Preferences or for Mac: Rodin -> Preferences)
  2. Find Install/Update -> Automatic Updates
  3. Select Automatically find new updates and notify me

As soon as Rodin finds a new update it will ask you if you would like to install it.

This is how it should work. Unfortunately the update doesn't always notify the user properly. So we recommend checking for updates regularly or watching this page for changes. We will announce updates on this page too.


This section should help you to get started with the TextEditor.

To get a first impression also visit the screenshot page.

Opening with the TextEditor

The TextEditor competes with the current graphical Event-B editor when it comes to the selection of a default editor for the double click action to open a model file. To explicitly select which editor should be used please select Open with... in the context menu of the component you want to open. In this menu you can select which editor is used. After opening a component with one editor this editor will be the default until you select another one.


The text syntax for machines and contexts is closely related with the pretty-print you might know from the graphical Event-B editor. See the grammar's EBNF for details.

As you might notice in the grammar it only describes the structure of machines and contexts. For the terminals predicate, expression and action you can use the syntax for formulas which you already know from editing models with the graphical Event-B editor. You can use the ASCII representation of mathematical symbols or their unicode. See the Rodin help for details about the mathematical symbols and their ASCII counterparts.


The TextEditor currently offers the following features:

  • Syntax error marking: Syntactical errors are highlighted in the input text.
  • Mathmatical language: You can type formulas in ASCII syntax and the TextEditor will replace ASCII symbols with their unicode counterparts as soon as you stop typing for a short while.
  • Syntax highlighting: Keywords (structural and in formulas), labels and comments are highlighted. This happends directly when typing.
  • Semantic highlighting: Identifiers are highlighted based on their semantic meaning, i.e., as variables, constants, parameters, sets, local variables. This highlighting is updated when you stop typing for a short while.
  • Configuration of highlighting: In the Rodin preference pages you will find a page for the highlighting in the TextEditor. It allows you to change color and style of highlighted text.
  • Code completion: The following elements are available for code completion (invoked by Ctrl+Space on the most computers)
    • Keywords
    • Identifiers
    • Templates (very few so far, please let us know which templates you would like to add)
  • Outline View: An outline view gives you an overview of the model's structure.
  • Quick Navigation: The outline view allows clicking on an element to jump to its position within the text.

Of course the TextEditor offers the common features you know from other text editors, such as: copy, paste, moving of text (try Alt+Up or Alt+Down), undo, redo, ...


Due to some design decisions and its combination with the Rodin platform the TextEditor comes with a few restrictions:

  • Semantic analysis (for highlighting and code completion for example) can only performed if the overall structure of the input is parsable. Therefore you might experience situtions when the semantic highlighting or the code completion produces unexpected results because it is based on outdated parsing information.
  • Parsing for formulas, i.e., predicates, actions and expressions can only be performed if the overall structure of the input is parsable. If the structure is not parsable ascii symbols will not be replaced until you correct the overall structure.
  • Also see the EBNF page for some restrictions in the syntax.

Bugs and Feature Requests

Please use the bug tracker at GitHub to report any bugs or send us feature requests.


Of course any other feedback is welcome too! We appreciate when you let us now what you think about the TextEditor.

Release Notes

See Camille_Release_History