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Camille is the Text-Editor for Rodin (as opposed to the structural editor). Camille is currently maintained by the University of Düsseldorf.

Camille 3.0.2 (for Rodin 3) released on August 19th 2014

Moved sources to Github, Moved parser from Camille into the ProB parsers library, set up automatic build process to provide nightly builds

Camille 3.0.1 (for Rodin 3)

Backported changes of 2.2.0 to the Rodin 3 release

Camille 3.0.0 (for Rodin 3)

Initial Release for Rodin 3

Camille 2.2.0 (for Rodin 2)

Support for Theorems in Guards, Changed order of sets and constants to be consistent with the Rodin editors

Camille 2.1.4 (for Rodin 2)

Compatibility to further Rodin 2 versions

Camille 2.1.3 (for Rodin 2)

Bugfix release for NPE after renaming a machine

Camille 2.0.1 for Rodin 2 released on October 14th 2010

Note: You need to add the Helios update site ( to install the required dependencies.

Camille 2.0.0 (for Rodin 1.3.1) released on June 22nd 2010

This release is compatible with version 3.1.1 of the EMF-Plugin.

  • Bugfixes:
    • LFs (#10;) are replaced by CRs (#13;)

Camille 1.1.7 (for Rodin 1.3)

Updated dependency on EventB-EMF framework

Camille 1.1.6 (for Rodin 1.3) released on May 5th 2010

Bug fixes

Camille 1.1.5 (for Rodin 1.3)

Release for Rodin 1.3

Camille 1.1.4 (for Rodin 1.2) released on March 12th 2010

Updated dependency on EventB-EMF framework

Camille 1.1.3 (for Rodin 1.2) released

Release for Rodin 1.2

Camille 1.0.2 (for Rodin 1.1) released on 17th October 2009

Release for Rodin 1.1

Camille 1.0.1 (for Rodin 1.0) released on 27th July 2009


Camille 1.0.0 (for Rodin 1.0.0.r7301) released on 3rd July 2009

Initial Release

Camille Pre-Releases

Version 0.0.6

30th June 2009

  • 30th June 2009: Version 0.0.6 released. It is based on Rodin 1.0.0 RC1.
  • Bugfixes:
    • [Bosch] Ctrl+Space (Code Completion) produces a null pointer exeception if invoked in places where it should not be invoked (e.g. empty space in the editor etc.)
    • When a refines or sees references a not-existig machine/context the component is created on-the-fly without asking the user. Partly caused by a bug in the EMF persistence for Event-B.
    • Problems when opening machines/contexts in projects with blank in name.
    • Keywords in event names highlighted incorrectly.
    • Used 'anticipating' instead of 'anticipated' in pretty-print.
    • 'Extended' INITIALISATION event not possible
    • Cursor position moved after symbol replacement when the replacement didn't change the length of the formula.
    • Semantic highlighting didn't update within events after reconcile
  • Improvements
    • Added new view Symbol table which offers click-and-insert for mathematical symbols.
    • Improved memory usage in reconciler.
    • Improved error marker placement for not existing references (sees, refines, ...)
    • Added Format action which applies a default text formatting. Available in context menu of editor and via CTRL+Shift+F (or on Mac: Command+Shift+F).
Version 0.0.5

19th June 2009

  • Bugfixes:
    • After undoing all changes the editor still has the dirty flag (* marker in editor tab)
    • The list of code completion proposals sometimes doesn't show expected (matching) results because the context at the cursor position is not evaluated correctly.
    • [Bosch] There seems to be a problem parsing witnesses. Error reported is: [...] with @P_Env_ControlSignals' P_Env_ControlSignals' [...] "Unknown token: '"
    • [Bosch] It is not possible to extend contexts "extends" keyword is not parsed correctly
    • When inserting a template the special editing mode for the template is left to quickly, i.e., without user interaction.
    • Pretty-print putting comments before context header causes a parse error
    • The token declaration for label is too strict.
    • The token declaration for identifiers is too strict.
    • Bug when pretty-printing refining events
    • Refines attribute of events was not persisted to the RodinDB by the text editor
    • Changing the order of events was not persisted into the RodinDB
    • In an event name 'find_max' the 'max' part is highlighted as a formula keyword
  • Improvements
    • Generating better error messages for misplaced comments, i.e., explain error in understandable way.
    • Problems when opening the editor are reported in a better way now. The real reason is shown in the UI. This will help when examining error reports in the future.
    • Text editor's preference pages now show up in the preference entry of the editor's context menu.
    • The left ruler column doesn't show a change hover anymore. It's not (yet) supported.
    • Templates are now editable and extensible via a preference page.
    • Saving is now wrapped into one commit to the RodinDB which causes less change notifications.
    • Error message about missing @ signs now show @ sign and not 'at' any more.
    • Added a lot more templates (40+), especially for expressions and predicates. Please let us know which templates you would like to have added.
Version 0.0.4

30th May 2009

  • Fixing more bugs.
  • Full integration with graphical editor (both open) now working.
Version 0.0.3

29th May 2009

  • Fixing first reported bugs.
  • Reinstalling, i.e., including Rodin is recommended.
Version 0.0.2

27th May 2009

  • Fixing some bugs.
  • Updating this page due to syntax changes and new version on update-site.
  • Announcement on the DEPLOY tooling mailing list.
Version 0.0.1

13th May 2009

  • Initial beta-release.
  • Presentation at refocus meeting in Southampton.