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=== Current plug-ins ===
== Current plug-ins ==

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Current Release

Version Release Date
2.0.1 2010/11/16

Current plug-ins

Rodin Update Site

Plug-in name Version Status MCV* Release Date Contact Additional info
Umlb32.gif UML-B 2.1.1 available
Event-B EMF framework 3.2.1 available Users should not need to install this framework. It will be installed automatically by other plug-ins as required.
Rose.gif Rose 1.1.0 available
Records 1.0.1 available This release includes EMF and Refactory support for records.
Teamwork 1.1.0 available
Shared Event Composition plug-in 1.2 available
Refactory plug-in 1.0.0 available email
DecompositionPlug-in logo.png Decomposition plug-in 1.1.0 available
Project diagram icon s.png Project Diagram ?? available
Relevance Filter 1.0.0 available 2.x.x email
Tasking Event-B 0.1.0 available email Implementation Specification, and Code Generation, for Multi-Tasking Systems

B Method Update Site

Plug-in name Version Status MCV* Release Date Contact Additional info
Atelier-B provers 1.2.1 available

Other Updates Sites

Plug-in name Version Status MCV* Release Date Contact Additional info
AnimB.png AnimB 0.2.1 available Christophe Métayer Use the update site http://www.animb.org/updatesite
Camille 2.0.1 available Use the ProB update site. You need to add the Galileo update site (see Event-B EMF framework 3.2.0)
Mlogo big.png Modularisation 1.4.2 available Use the update site http://www.iliasov.org/modplugin
Group refinement 0.1.1 available Use the update site http://iliasov.org/refplugin
Prob eventb wiki logo.png ProB not available 1.3.1 ?? We are actively working on the release.
ProR logo.png ProR 4.4.0 available Michael Jastram

*MCV stands for the Rodin's Maximum Compatible Version

Known plug-in incompatibilities

It unfortunately exists some incompatibilities between plug-ins. This list might be non exhaustive and is updated accorded to user experiences. If you encounter some conflict while installing or using plug-ins, please send a mail to the Rodin User List or feel free to complete the following table.

Plug-in name Incompatible with

Upcoming Releases

Version Scheduled Release Date
2.1 2011/01/28

Upcoming compatible plug-ins

Plug-in name Version Status Release Date Contact

Previous Releases

Version Release Date
2.0.1 2010/11/16
2.0 2010/10/08
1.3.1 2010/06/15
1.3 2010/05/05
1.2 2010/02/05
1.1 2009/10/15
1.0 2009/07/01

Release Policy

  • The Rodin platform is released every 3 months.
  • The code is frozen during the 2 weeks preceding each release.
  • Each release is announced on the Devel mailing list. Two days later, the information is broadcast on the Announce and User mailing lists.
  • The Eclipse versioning policy is enforced.
  • The optional plug-ins shall strive to meet the release date: the release will not be held back.
  • The news related to the optional plug-ins are spread on the Announce and User mailing lists.
  • A wiki page is dedicated to each release. Select a version from the lists below to see the corresponding release notes.
  • The maintainers of the optional plug-ins shall update the External Plug-ins section of the release notes (plug-in version, link to the plug-in documentation) once they have ensured the compatibility of their plug-ins with the Rodin platform.
  • The maintainers indicate the release plan for their optional plug-ins on this page. Please use on time and delayed keywords for the scheduled status.
To indicate that the plug-in will be released on the platform's release date, please use the following template :
 |[[My plug-in info page link | My plug-in]] || 0.9b || <span style="color:#006400">on time</span> || || contactadress@mypluginspace.com
To indicate that the plug-in will be released at a later date, please use the following template:
 |[[My second plug-in link | My plug-in 2]] || 4.2 || <span style="color:#8B4513">delayed</span> || <span style="color:#8B4513"> dd/mm/yyy </span> || contactadress@mypluginspace.com
Note that this table will be upgraded as soon as the upcoming version of the platform is out.