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The 9th Rodin User and Developer Workshop, 8 June, 2021, Ulm, Germany

The 9th Rodin workshop will be collocated with the ABZ2021 Conference

The purpose of this workshop is to bring together existing and potential users and developers of the Rodin toolset and to foster a broader community of Rodin users and developers.

For Rodin users the workshop will provide an opportunity to share tool experiences (including discussion on modelling styles, proofs strategies, ect.) and to gain an understanding of on-going tool developments. For plug-in developers the workshop will provide an opportunity to showcase their tools and to achieve better coordination of tool development effort.

Several Event-B related projects that are currently developing Rodin tools have already indicated their intention to contribute to the Rodin workshop. Special sessions will be arranged, dedicated to the progress of these running projects.

The proceedings of the workshop will be available as a technical report at the University of Southampton.


Chair: Asieh Salehi Fathabadi, University of Southampton, UK

Co-chair: Thai Son Hoang, University of Southampton, UK

Co-chair: Colin Snook, University of Southampton, UK

Co-chair: Yamine Ait Ameur, Toulouse National Polytechnique Institute, France

Call For Papers

If you are interested in giving a presentation at the Rodin workshop or have a plug-in to demonstrate, please submit an abstract. We will endeavour to accommodate all submissions that are clearly relevant to Rodin and Event-B.

Submission deadline
14th May 2021
Submission to
Submission format
1-2 pages of abstract (description with title and authors and references - PDF)